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*          Books

*          Lamborghini Literature

*          Alfa Romeo Giulietta Parts

*          Automobile Quarterlies

*          Racing Posters and Programs

*          Auto Racing and Biker Movie Posters

*          Magazines

*          Mercedes Benz Sales Literature

*          Auto Racing Photography of Klaus Bythiner







1.         Carrozzeria Italiana--Advancing The Art And Design Of Automobile Design (Anselmi, Ed. 1980) Xlnt, DJ--

2.         The Cruel Sport (Daley, 1963) Xlnt, DJ--

3.         Great Auto Races (Helck, 1975) Xlnt, DJ--

4.         Motocourse '76-77 (#1) Good, Some Taping, DJ--

5.         The Speed Merchants (Keyser, 1973) Xlnt, DJ--

6.         The Golden Age Of The American Racing Car (Borgeson, 1966) Xlnt, DJ--

7.         Formula 1 Racing (Rosinski, 1974) Xlnt, DJ--

8.         The Ferrari (Rogliatti, 1973) Vg, Corner Of Rear Cover Damaged--

9.         Britain's Racing Motorcycles (Higgins, 1952) Xlnt--

10.       Fangio (Jenkinson, Ed., 1973) Xlnt, DJ--

11.       The Mudge Pond Express (Posey, 1976) Xlnt, DJ--SOLD

12.       Ferrari (Setright, 1975) Vg--

13.       Ferrari--The Man, The Machines (Grayson, Ed., 1975) Xlnt, DJ--

14.       The Grand Prix (Setright, 1973) Xlnt, DJ--

15.       Ferrari--The Sports And GT Cars (Fitzgerald/Merritt, 1973) Xlnt, DJ--

16.       Same Also Xlnt, W/Torn DJ--

17.       Maserati--Sports, Racing & Gt Cars, 1926-1975 (Crump/Box, 1975) Xlnt, DJ-

18.       Jackie Stewart: World Champion (Stewart/Dymock, 1970) Vg+, DJ-

19.       Lotus--The Sports Racing Cars (Pritchard, 1987) Xlnt, DJ--

20.      Shelby's Wildlife (Wyss, 1977) Xlnt, DJ--

21.       Ferrari (Tanner/Nye. 5th Ed) Xlnt, DJ--

22.      The Automotive Photography Of Peter Coltrin (Coltrin, 1978) Sb-Vg-

23.      1958 Ford Edsel Service Manual--Original--2 Avail.--1-Xlnt And 1-Good

24.      1956 Mercury Maintanance Manual--Original--Vg--



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Lamborghini Literature


1.         Approximately 40 pieces. Includes parts manuals, sales brochures, owners manuals and more. SOLD



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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Parts


1.         Tons of 750 and 101 Sprint and Spider parts.



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Automobile Quarterlies


1.         1/1--Original Type--Xlnt--$60

2.         1/1--Newer Style--Vg--$35

3.         1/2--Original Type--Vg+--$50

4.         1/3--Original Type--Vg+--$50

5.         1/3--Newer Style--Vg+--$30 (2 Available, 1-Red & 1 Black)

6.         1/4--Original Type--Vg+--$50

7.         2/1--Vg--$35

8.         3/3--G--$20

9.         2/2--Xlnt--$40

10.       2/3--Xlnt--$30

11.       2/4--Xlnt--$30

12.       3/1--G--$50

13.       3/2--Vg--$25

14.       3/4--Vg--$35

15.       4/4--G--$85

16.       5/3--Vg--$35

17.       5/4--F--$20

18.       6/1--Vg--$35

19.       6/2--Vg--$35

20.      6/3--Vg--$30

21.       7/3--Vg--$30

22.      8/3--Vg--$50

23.      8/4--Xlnt-$50

24.      10/1-Xlnt--$50

25.      Recent Addition: Automobile Quarterly-Vol .1 through Vol. 8 in slipcases. Original type of early issues. All Vg+ To Xlnt. $600/All.



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Racing Posters, Programs, Etc.


Riverside-Posters-All Xlnt


1.         Napa 400--6/12/77--$35

2.         Napa 400--6/11/78--$35

3.         Napa 400--6/10/79--$45

4.         Tuborg 150--7/28/74--$35

5.         Tuborg 400--6/9/74--$35

6.         Tuborg 400--6/8/75--$35

7.         Winston Western 500--1/16/72--$45

8.         Winston Western 500--1/21/73--$75

9.         Golden State 400--6/18/72--$35

10.       Golden State 400--6/20/71--$35

11.       California Grand Prix--10/26/75--$35

12.       Pepsi-Cola California Grand Prix--10/16/77--$45



Mark Donohue-Posters-Xlnt


1.         Indianapolis Winner '72, #66 Penske/Sunoco--$75

2.         Donohue Portrait W/#66 In Foreground--$100



Steve Mcqueen-Poster


1.         Promotional poster for the movie "Le Mans"--McQueen close-up with Gulf Porsche 917, Xlnt--$35



Porsche Posters--Gotschke prints on heavy stock--Xlnt


1.         Siffert/Elford 908 at 1968 Nurburgring 1000k--$35

2.         917s at Spa, 1970--$35

3.         956s at Norisring(?), date unknown--$35



Misc. Racing Posters, Etc.


1.         Large official poster/map of the Nurburgring--German--$35 SOLD

2.         Alfa Romeo Portfolio--Seven color prints of early Alfas-- Nice--$30

3.         Jo Siffert Marlboro F-1 autographed card--C.1970--Trade



Race Programs


1.         1st National Sports Car Championship, Riverside, 1957--$75

2.         1st Dodger Stadium Sports Car Races, L.A., 1963--$30

3.         6-12th Annual Times Grand Prix--Riverside, 1963-69--5 Assorted--Trade





1.         Cart Long Beach Grand Prix--1984-1988--5 total--large hardbound comprehensive press information books. $200 OBO/All

2.         Cart Molson Indy, Toronto--1987-88--2 total--large spiral bound press/media information books. $30/Both

3.         Cart Checker 200, Phoenix--1987-88--2 Total--large softbound press/media information books. $25/Both



The Fuller Brush Magazine featuring Phil Hill


1.         Toothbrushes and Testarossas, moth crystals and Monzas are all featured in this c.1959 catalogue of Phil, Ferraris and your favorite grooming and cleaning accessories. Rare and unusual--$100



Southern California Timing Association News: Very Rare '40's Hot Rod Memorabilia


A very early partial set of the first newsletters put out by the SCTA during the late WW II and early post-war period. The set includes:



1.         Vol.1/#1(11/44),1/2(12/44), 1/3(1/45), 1/10(8/45), 1/11(9/45), 1/12(10/45).

2.         Vol.2/#13(11/45), 2/14(12/45), 2/15(1/46), 2/16(2/46), 2/17(3/46).



For legal/financial reasons, the newsletter then changed it's name to the CT (California Timing) News and restarted with CT News, Vol.1/#1. The set also includes;

CT News


1.         Vol.1/#1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 And 1/8. Which Date From 5/46 To 12/4.

2.         Many issues also include a page of photos, as well as a one-page Thickstun flathead speed equipment flyer, a Navarro manifold flyer or a technical products company flyer. Filled with fascinating information and photos concerning the birth of the California Hot Rod Movement. Also included is an SCTA Racing News Program for the 10/7/45 Dry Lakes Time Trial, the first post-war dry lakes event. Three-hole punched for a binder. The Set Is SOLD!



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Auto Racing/Biker Movie Posters, Etc.


*          Grand Prix

*          Red Line 7000

*          Johnny Dark

*          Le Mans

*          The Green Helmet

*          The Young Racers

*          The Racers

*          Spinout

*          The Road Racers

*          Hell's Angels '69

*          The Devil's Hairpin

*          The Glory Stompers

*          The Wild Angels

*          ...And Many More!



Examples of current stock include


1.         The Devil's Hairpin (Paramount, 1957), 1-Sheet, Vg+--

2.         Grand Prix (MGM, 1967), 1-Sheet, Vg+--

3.         Hell's Angels '69' (AIP, 1969), 1-Sheet, Xlnt--

4.         Grand Prix (MGM, 1967), Insert, Xlnt--

5.         Le Mans (Cinema Center Films, 1971), 1/2-Sheet, Vg+-

6.         Grand Prix (MGM, 1967), 1/2-Sheet, G, Dry Mounted--

7.         Original paper memorabilia and collectables in the form of 1-sheet posters, half sheets, lobby cards, inserts, press books, still photos, etc. are available for these and other titles. I also have access to large collections of material from many other movies from the 50's to the present. Price, condition and availability on request.



Special Find...


1.         Grand Prix ('67 MGM) 3-Sheet (40" X 77") And 6-Sheet (80" X 80") Posters. Nos, Near Mint, Unused. Difficult to find in these oversize versions. Perfect for decorating that showroom, den or garage. 3-Sheet--$350, 6-Sheet--$1000/Offer.



Approximate Sizes


1.         6-Sheet-- 80" X 80" (In 4 Sections)

2.         3-Sheet-- 40" X 77" (In 2 Sections)

3.         1-Sheet-- 28" X 40"

4.         1/2 Sheet-- 22" X 28"

5.         Window Card-- 14" X 22"

6.         Insert Card-- 14" X 36"

7.         Lobby Cards-- 8" X 10" And 11" X 14" (Normally issued in sets of 8 different cards, numbered 1-8)



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Road And Track Magazine--By Cover Date--1/1 Published 6/49


1.         1949--Dec (Vol.1/6)

2.         1950--Jan,Feb,Mar,***,May,Jun,Jul/Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

3.         1951--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,***,***,***

4.         1952--***,***,***,***,***,***,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,***

5.         1953--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,***,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

6.         1954--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,***,Nov,Dec

7.         1955--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,***,Dec

8.         1956--Jan,Feb,Mar,***,***,***,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

9.         1957--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

10.       1958--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

11.       1959--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

12.       1960--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,***,Dec

13.       1961--***,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec



All Excellent. Will consider offers for the set.



Competition Press (published by Road and Track)--by year and volume/no.


1.         1961--7/5,9,11; 9/5

2.         1962--9/1,2,3,4,5

3.         1963--10/10; 11/8

4.         1964--12/3,8,12



All 14 Issues For $75



Motoracing And Economy Car News--by year and volume/no.


1.         1956--2/1,2

2.         1957--2/19; 3/3

3.         1959--4/4,6,11,13,15,17,22; 5/3

4.         1960--5/6,9,11,13,14,15,16,20,21; 6/1,2,3,4

5.         1961--6/6,7,13,14,18,19,20,23; 7/3,4(2)

6.         1962--7/4,5,9,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,22,23,25

7.         1963--8/13,19,20



All 52 Issues For $200



Motor Trend Magazine--By Cover Date--1/1 Published 9/49


1.         1949--***,Oct,***,Dec (Vols. 1/2 And 1/4)

2.         1950--Jan,***,***,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

3.         1951--Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,***,Jun,Jul,Aug,****,***,***,***

4.         1952--Jan,***,***,***,***,***,***,***,****,***,***,Dec

5.         1953--***,Feb,Mar,***,May,Jun,***,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

6.         1954--***,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,****,Oct,***,***



All For $250 Obo



Hot Rod Magazine--By Cover Date


1.         1949--Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

2.         1950--Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec

3.         1951--Feb



All For $200



Corvette News--By Vol./# Or Cover Date


1.         1966--Vol. 9/5, 10/6 (10th Anniv. Issue)

2.         1967--Vol. 11/1, 11/2, 11/5

3.         1969--Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov

4.         1970--Dec/Jan, Apr/May

5.         1973--Dec/Jan

6.         1978--Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov

7.         1979--Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, Jun/Jul, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov



All For $45



Christophorus Magazine-English Edition


1.         1956--1,2,*,*,*,*

2.         1957--*,*,*,**,**,**

3.         1958--**,**,**,**,**,**

4.         1959--**,**,**,**,**,**

5.         1960--**,**,**,28,29,30

6.         1961--31,32,33,34,35,36

7.         1962--37,38,39,40,41,42

8.         1963--43,44,45,46,47,48

9.         1964--49,50,51,52,53,54

10.       1965--55,56,57,58,59,60

11.       1966--61,62,63,64,65,66

12.       1967--67,68,69,70,71,72

13.       1968--73,74,75,76,**,78

14.       1969--79,80,81,82,83,84

15.       1970--**,86,87,**,**,**

16.       1971--**,92,**,**,**,96

17.       1972--97,**,99,100,***,102

18.       1973--***,104,105,106,107,108

19.       1974--109,110,111,112,***,114

20.      1975--115,116,117,118,***,120

21.       1976--121,122,123,124,125,126

22.      1977--127,128,129,130,131,132

23.      1978--133,134,135,136,137,138

24.      1979--***,***,***,***,***,***

25.      1980--***,***,***,***,***,***

26.      1981--***,***,153,154,155,***

27.      1982--157,158,159,160,161,162

28.      1983--163,164,165,166,167,168

29.      1984--169,170,171,172,173,174

30.      1985--175,176,177,178,***,180/197^

31.       1986--198,***,200,201,202,203

32.      1987--204,205,206,207,208,209

33.      1988--210,211,212,***,***,***

34.      1989--215



^--note change in numbering sequence.

Total=140 issues

Listed by year of issue and issue number. Missing issues indicated by asterisks, in proper sequence. Above 140 issues sold as a set only. Price is $1350/set.



Christophorus Magazine-Single Issues--English Edition


1.         1965--57

2.         1966--61,62,63,64,65,66

3.         1967--67,68,69,70,71,72

4.         1968--73,74,75,76,78

5.         1969--80,81,82,83,84,

6.         1970--86

7.         1973--104,105,106,108

8.         1974--109,110

9.         1976--121

10.       1988--210



Total=32 Issues

The above 32 issues are available individually or as a set. Set price is $300.



Single Issue Prices Are;


1.         1965-1969--$15/Ea

2.         1970-1974--$10/Ea

3.         1975-1979--$8/Ea

4.         1980-On --$5/Ea



*, **--asterisks indicate issue currently out of stock.



NOTE: My magazine stock changes rapidly. Please send a want list for current price quote and availability. Many other assorted issues of magazines available. SCG, SCI, etc.


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Mercedes Benz Sales Literature For Sale Or Trade


1.         MB 600 Prestige Color Folio. 13pp, C.1964. Aprox.12" X 17". Vg+ P 1117/1 Am 364.

2.         MB 300 Sl Gullwing Color Sales Brochure*. 12pp. 8.5" X 12". Xlnt. 321 Dealer Stamps.

3.         M-B(MBNA) Full Line Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 22pp. W/Foldouts And Spec Sheets. 9" X 12". C.1974. Xlnt. Wz 1532/00/13/0973. Mbna No. Md 128

4.         M-B 380 Se, 380 Sel, 500 Se, 500sel Color Sales Brochure*. Aprox. 36pp W/Foldouts. 9" X 12". C.1980. Xlnt. Wz 1912/01/00/1079

5.         M-B(M-BNA) Full Line Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 44pp. 9" X 12". C.1974. Xlnt. Md 137.

6.         M-B 220 Se Coupe/Convertible Prestige Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 16pp W/Foldouts And Specs. Insert. 9" X 12.5". C.1964. Xlnt. P 2141/5 E 264.

7.         M-B 220 S/Se Prestige Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 16pp W/Foldouts, Spec. Insert And Tipped In Plate. 9" X 12.5". C.1964. Xlnt. P 1006/5 E 264.

8.         M-B 300 Se Coupe/Convertible Prestige Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 16pp W/Foldouts, Spec. Insert, Tipped In Plate And Aprox. 12pp Brochure On Daimler-Benz Automatic Transmission.(P 1014/6 E 264). 9" X 12.5". C.1964. Xlnt. P 1052/2 E 264.

9.         M-B(MBNA) 250 Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 14pp. 8.5" X 11". C.1966. Xlnt.

10.       MB(MBNA) "4 M-B Motor Cars". Color Sales Brochure. Aprox. 22pp. 8.5" X 11". C.1965. Xlnt.



All Above M-B Materials As A Set. $600.00


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The Auto Racing Photography of Klaus Bythiner


I am currently offering the following exhibition quality prints from Klaus Bythiner's original negatives. All negatives are printed by Tom Farrington on either 11 X 14" or 16 X 20" Ilford Galerie or Oriental-G Fiber-Based Paper and are archivally processed and selenium toned. All images are centered on the paper with white borders.


1.         Monaco '60-- Stirling Moss (Lotus) pressing Jack Brabham (Cooper) hard through the wet gasworks corner on the way to Lotus' historic first F-1 victory. Print number: KB-1

2.         Monaco '60-- Phil Hill (Ferrari) has spun his Dino in the rain at the Gasworks and is being given a hand (and a foot!) by a spectator in getting his car turned around before more traffic arrives. Print number: KB-2

3.         Stirling Moss c.1960-- a fine close-up (head and shoulders) study of Moss in Dunlop driving suit with goggles around his neck. Print number: KB-3

4.         Jack Brabham '60-- Jack Brabham standing behind his Cooper in the pit area before the G.P. of Brussels. His famous Sunbeam works transporter is visible to the side. Print number: KB-4

5.         Ireland, Clark and Chapman '60-- Team Lotus discusses events during the '60 G.P. of Brussels. Print number: KB-5

6.         Scarab/Zandvoort '60-- Reventlow (Scarab F-1) skids to a halt after losing a wheel which can be seen bounding off the track! Print number: KB-6

7.         Scarab/Monaco '60-- Reventlow, Moss and another driver in a reflective moment, perhaps discussing the Scarab's qualifying difficulties. Print number: KB-7

8.         Scarab/Monaco '60-- the Scarabs (#48, foreground) are surrounded by the curious in the pits. Reventlow and Hill can be seen at the edge of the frame. Print number: KB-8

9.         Scarab/Riverside '59(?)-- Shelby, Daigh and Ginther looking casual in the pits. Daigh is leaning against a Scarab sportscar in the foreground. Print number: KB-9

10.       Scarab/Monaco '60-- excellent 3/4 view close-up portrait of Lance Reventlow. Warren Olsen is in the background. Print number: KB-10

11.       Riverside '62-- a dazed and happy Roger Penske embraces the gigantic times Grand Prix trophy in the winner's circle, after his victory in the Xerex special. Print number: KB-11

12.       Monaco '60-- Jo Bonnier eases his BRM through the wet Gasworks during the '60 Grand Prix. Print number: KB-12

13.       Nurburgring '60-- a close-up head and shoulders portrait of 18-year old Ricardo Rodriguez in a quiet moment before the ADAC 1000km race of 1960. Print number: KB-13

14.       Nurburgring '60-- the incredibly young-looking Rodriguez brothers in a casual pose in the pits before the 1960 ADAC 1000kms of the Nurburgring. Print number: KB-14

15.       Phil Hill '60-- portrait of an intense looking Hill at the wheel of his Dino. Close-up in helmet with goggles around his neck and short sleeves(!). Probably Monaco. Print number: KB-15

16.       Graham Hill '60-- wonderful close-up portrait of Hill against the sky in Dunlop suit. The archetypal Brit F-1 driver of the 50's and 60's. Print number: KB-16

17.       Joachim Bonnier '60-- fine close-up of one of the last and best loved gentlemen/drivers. Founder and chairman of the Grand Prix Driver's Association until his death at Le Mans in 1972. Print number: KB-17

18.       Carroll Shelby c.1959-- a lanky and smiling Carroll Shelby in his well-known striped overalls, leaning against a sports car in the pits at the Palm Spring Road Races. Print number: KB-18

19.       Jim Clark '60-- an excellent head and shoulders portrait of an animated Jim Clark in the famous Dunlop driving suit. Probably at the Brussels G.P. of 1960. Print number: KB-19

20.      Ken Miles c.1962-- a close-up portrait of the hawk-visaged Englishman. Probably at the times Grand Prix at Riverside in 1962. Print number: KB-20

21.       Scarab/Monaco '60-- a side view of Scarab in pits. Phil Hill, stirling Moss and Lance Reventlow are visible. Print number: KB-21

22.      Monaco '60-- start of race. Bonnier(BRM) takes a quick lead, pursued by Moss, Hill, Ireland and the rest. Print number: KB-22

23.      Porsche F-2 group-- a close up view of several types of Porsche F-2 cars in the pits prior to the Grand Prix of Brussels '60. Print number: KB-23

24.      Porsche F-2 car-- a Porsche F-2 car partially covered in the rain before the Grand Prix of Brussels '60. Print number: KB-24

25.      Jenkinson/Porsche F-2 car-- journalist Denis Jenkinson and an unidentifed driver (possibly Bianchi) discuss the fine points of a Porsche F-2 car. Print number: KB-25

26.      Nurburgring '60-- the start of the 1000km race of 1960. Moss (Maserati) and Clark (Aston Martin) are quick off the mark, while Bonnier (Porsche) and Trintignant (Porsche) have problems. Print number: KB-26

27.      Von Trips-- an excellent close-up of the well known German driver, taken in 1960. Print number: KB-27

28.      Thunderbird-- an early Ford Thunderbird waiting to be flagged off at the start of a German rally, c.1959. Print number: KB-28

29.      Nurburgring '60-- a Porsche RS-60 being serviced in the pits before the start of the 1000km race of 1960. Print number: KB-29

30.      Scarab '58-- Lance Reventlow sits in the cockpit of his Scarab at the US Grand Prix for Sports Cars, Riverside Raceway, October 1958. This day would see the Scarab's most memorable victory. Print number: KB-30

31.       Scarab '58-- Scarab driver Bruce Kessler and Lance Reventlow talk over the day's events at Riverside, October 1958. Print number: KB-31

32.      Scarab '58-- Lance Reventlow and J.C. Agajanian discuss the Scarab's fortunes in the pits at Riverside, October 1958. Of particular interest is the damaged fender of the Reventlow's #16 car, damaged in an incident which would keep it from competing in the main race. Print number: KB-32

33.      Scarab '58-- All three Scarabs in the pits at Riverside, October, 1958. "Scarab" author, Preston Lerner, has mentioned that this is the only photograph he has seen of all three of the Scarabs together. Print number: KB-33

34.      Scarab '58-- The #3 Scarab of Reventlow/Kessler and the #5 Scarab of Daigh flank the Ferrari 412MI of phil Hill on the starting line at Riverside, October, 1958. Print number: KB-34

35.      Scarab '58-- The victorious #5 Scarab with Chuck Daigh accepting the checkered flag for his stunning victory over Phil Hill and Ferrari at Riverside, October, 1958. Print number: KB-35

36.      Scarab/Monaco '60-- A grim Chuck Daigh contemplates the Scarab team's failure to qualify for the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix. Print number: KB-36

37.      Nurburgring '60-- The entrance to the famous 'Ring is crowded with cars and transporters in preparation for the 1000k race of 1960. Print number: KB-37

38.      Clark '60-- Jim Clark (Lotus) gets ready for the Brussels G.P. of 1960 as the Team Lotus crewmembers make final adjustments. Print number: KB-38

39.      Monaco '60-- The drivers get last minute information before the start of the Monaco G.P. of 1960. The group includes: Moss, P. Hill, Ginther, McLaren, Ireland, Brooks, Von Trips and Bonnier. Print number: KB-39

40.      Gurney-- A young and crew-cut Dan Gurney, c. 1958. Probably at Riverside. Print number: KB-40

41.       Riverside c. 1958-- a mixed group of sports cars and sports-racers wind through the esses and into turn 6. Print number: KB-41



Many other interesting racing scenes from this period are available from Mr. Bythiner's negatives. Please inquire.


11 X 14" Exhibition Prints are $150/ea or any five prints for $500.


16 X 20" Exhibition Prints are $200/ea or any four prints for $500.


In addition to the photos listed above, I have thousands of color and B & W photos of hundreds of marques of vintage cars taken at tracks all over California during the last 13 years. Please contact me for availability and pricing of prints.


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Prices and availability subject to change without notice.